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Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

ADHD does not discriminate – it can occur in both children and adults.. ADHD can hinder your ability to pay attention and complete assignments on time in school and the professional world, as well as make social and personal relations challenging to build, maintain, and nurture. While it presents differently in each individual, it’s clear ADHD can cause significant functional impairment in your life.
At Bhakti Brain Health Clinic, we provide alternative solutions for the treatment of both child and adult ADHD. Using neurofeedback and neuromodulation, we’re able to provide in-clinic treatment options such as neurofeedback and neurostimulation, as well as at-home training options for other neuromodulation technology such as Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE) systems – which use lights and waves to encourage your brainwaves to reach the desired pattern – and devices to monitor your sleep patterns.
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Neurofeedback in particular has been shown to cause notable improvements in regulating the ADHD brain. The results are improved focus, concentration, emotion management, central nervous system calming, and social interactions.
ADHD Assessment
During your neurofeedback training we read your brainwaves, identify the dysregulated wave patterns, and run a training program that rewards them when they regulate. By working on your brainwaves in this fashion, we train your brain to learn how to regulate itself, meaning the improvement you see during your brain training sessions will be a permanent change that will likely continue to improve for a long time after your brain training sessions have ended.
"Here are the benefits I’m noticing from my neurostimulation sessions: 1. Improved mood, starts immediately after treatment. 2. Increased energy (calm energy) 3. Increased alertness 4. It also reduces chronic muscle tension and has almost eliminated my daily headaches I’ve experienced somewhat similar things before when I was on Adderall, but this is much, much better and it doesn’t cause anxiety or irritability. Also, unlike Adderall, it puts me in a state of mind where things just don’t bother me so much. I’m not indifferent by any means - I just don’t get caught up in small irritations or disappointments. It’s helping me in relationship conflicts. It’s helping me not to be so self-critical or take things so personally."
BBHC Neurostimulation Client
The difference is astounding! My plan was to have her do a different activity every 5 minutes, which is a lot to plan for. What I discovered is that [she] could work for longer periods of time, and pass songs quite easily. That was not the case when she first started piano. One short song could take nearly the whole hour to play, and she had to be monitored and redirected frequently in the lessons. Her hand-eye coordination is fantastic. She is reading the music in front of her instead of looking at her hands, which is a critical skill. She will still tell me about off-topic stories, yet I can redirect her without any issue.
Piano teacher of 10 year-old BBHC client with ADHD and anxiety
AVE boy
ADHD Image #9