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Learning Disabilities/ADHD

“The hardest thing about ADHD is that it’s invisible to outsiders. People just assume that we are not being good parents and that our child is a brat when they don’t have any idea how exhausted we truly are.”

We, at Bhakti Brain Health Clinic, want you to know, we get it. You’ve been trying hard and yet the emotional and behavioral disturbances continue. ADHD has been robbing you of the life you want for yourself and for your loved one. There are specific brain patterns that are causing your impulsivity, distractibility, the constant need to be moving, your inability to focus – it’s wearing on you! And, it’s likely negatively impacting your work performance, your academic performance, your relationships.

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Learn to produce brain wave patterns associated with focus!

We have a cutting edge, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, long-lasting answer for you. Neurofeedback and neuromodulation are alternative ADHD treatments that focus on retraining your brain by modifying patterns of the brain and normalizing brain activity. As your brain regulates, you become better focused, more calm, more attentive, better able to concentrate, better able to engage successfully in life! 

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“Our child is doing so good this year! It’s like night and day compared to last year. He is focused and getting great grades! We are so proud of him!” (a parent of a 9 year-old did neurofeedback training for 40 sessions to address focus problems and social anxiety issues that were negatively impacting his progress in school) 

Our clients tell us that our neurotherapy is a fun, relaxing and stress-free way to increase focus, to enhance ability to attend to information and to reduce impulsive behavior.

Here’s an example of what may take place in a neurofeedback training session. You may be connected to a computer using wires and sensors that monitor your brainwave activity to detect when your brainwaves could benefit from reorganization. Feedback appears in real time on a screen in the form of a game, a movie or a sound and, as you interact with or observe the content your brain learns how to readjust and improve its own functioning.
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“Neurofeedback has completely changed my life. I had tried everything and though some things helped me stay afloat, nothing seems to be making much progress. Within a few months I started experiencing the most miraculous changes in my ADD, Dyslexia, and overall brain function as well as a very slow but beautiful progress back towards health. Hands down the best decision and investment I have ever made in my life.”
T.D., neurofeedback client
Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, Dyscalcula

The root cause of learning disabilities is a neurologically-based problem with brain function.
People with learning disabilities often show deviance in measures of connectivity in the brain. Research shows that neuromodulation and neurofeedback can provide improvement in reading comprehension, dyslexia, dyscalcula, visual and auditory problems, sleep quality and aggression and impulsivity.

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The neurotherapy we provide at Bhakti Brain Health Clinic is a natural way to for you to optimize your brain and improve focus and overall health. You’ll find relief from your symptoms and success will follow!

“My favorite game is when I get to fly a plane with my brain!”
BBHC neurofeedback client
Autism Spectrum Disorder

Symptoms of autism can interfere with your ability to function well at school, work and in social settings.

Neurofeedback and neuromodulation provide a fun, relaxing stress-free way to improve daily functioning for children and adults with autism spectrum disorder. Our neurotherapy clients report noticing better social and emotional skills, including controlling behavior, paying attention, remembering directions, less aggressiveness and better communication. Sensory motor skills often improve, too.

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Bhakti Neurofeedback Practitioners will gently guide you through the process, helping your brain to heal and recover in a safe and friendly environment. People who have received neurofeedback report that what they learn in the training sessions sticks with them permanently.

You can feel better! You can have the quality of life you want!

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