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Traumatic Brain Injury

“Brain injury is like thinking with speed bumps.”

Your brain feels like it belongs to a stranger! Your work and personal life are suffering. Daily life tasks seem difficult, maybe near impossible. Your brain feels sluggish. You’re plagued with poor memory functioning, fatigue, difficulty concentrating and focusing, poor sleep, frequent headaches, irritability and sensitivity to light and noise. And, to top it off your relationships are suffering. 

You’re trying your hardest and yet, despite all of your best efforts you’re struggling to keep up with the demands of work and personal life.  You know what you need to do, it just seems like your brain isn’t following the game plan!

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Traumatic Brain Injury is associated with damage to the frontal, temporal and parietal lobes of the brain. The damage can lead to a multitude of cognitive, physical and emotional symptoms that can significantly impair day-to-day functioning.

You can heal the damage through retraining your brain. Neurofeedback and neuromodulation have been shown to reduce symptoms related to cognitive impairment (attention, concentration, memory deficits), mood dysregulation and central nervous system dysfunction. 

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Research has shown that the brain networks can be reshaped through repetitive exercise – that’s what neurotherapy is – exercise for the brain. This reshaping is your brain learning how to behave efficiently. Neurotherapy gives your brain repeated learning opportunities. For example, in 20 neurofeedback sessions, with feedback being given every half second, your brain gets 72,000 chances to learn – that’s a lot of repetition and practice!

Your commitment to healing your brain will pay off! Better focus and concentration, better regulation of emotions, better sleep, less pain – all of this is possible! BBHC staff are here to guide you as you make your way out of the haze – back to who you know yourself to be! 

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