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Mental Health

Finding long-lasting help for mental health issues can be overwhelming. According the National Institute of Mental Health, 26.2 million Americans will suffer from a mental disorder in any given year. Psycho-emotional problems are not the result of personal weakness or character; they are the result of biological problems in the brain that can be balanced. 

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Neurofeedback is non-invasive, non-medicated treatment approach that will provide you with long-lasting improvement! We have helped many clients who have suffered from depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD and other mental health issues! 

“I worked with my BBHC practitioner using Neurofeedback to help improve focus. I am one of those people who chases every shiny object that pops up, which can really interfere with getting things done. There is no question that neurotherapy helped break the ruts in my thinking and improved my focus. What a great tool. I do think it is important to keep up the maintenance of the new roads with follow up.”
Bob E., BBHC neurofeedback client
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Neurofeedback monitors central nervous system activity by measuring and regulating brainwave activity. Training with neurofeedback helps to modify patterns of the brain and normalize brain activity. It has been found to successfully increase one’s ability to cope in their current situations. 

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“The results have been noticeable, particularly with increased ability to stay focused, less anxiety in challenging situations, more cognitive flexibility and better sleep. I’m very glad that I did the training.”
Jean J, leadership coach
Bhakti Neurofeedback Practitioners will gently guide you through the process, helping your brain to heal and recover in a safe and friendly environment. People who have received neurofeedback report that what they learn in the training sessions sticks with them permanently.

You can feel better! You can have the quality of life you want!

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