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Depression takes a toll on you as an individual as well as your loved ones. Thankfully, as it is one of the more common and treatable mental disorders, depression has many options for treatment. Unfortunately, lots of these treatment options have adverse side effects which drive people away from seeking them. At Bhakti Brain Health Clinic, we offer neuromodulation that can be helpful in the treatment of depression without causing the side effects common in other treatment forms. Neurofeedback, in particular, can treat your symptoms of depression by regulating the abnormal brainwaves that play a role in your depression. Additionally, neurofeedback has been shown to continue to improve the function of your brainwaves for a long time after your brain training sessions have come to an end.

Other neuromodulation techniques, including AVE (Audio Visual Entrainment) and photobiomodulation, are also available at BBHC for rent and purchase. AVE works by using light and sound to gently encourage your brain frequencies to change into various rhythms based on the protocol you select. By changing these frequencies, you are able to achieve the desired outcome from your session – including better sleep, energy, and memory. All of which can be impacted by depression.


Treating your depression with neuromodulation could be a gateway for you to your life in a happier and more fulfilling way. By training your brainwaves, you can teach your brain to function in a more regulated pattern – easing your symptoms of depression and helping you to live a healthier life.

"Hands down the best decision and investment I've made in my life."
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