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Peak Performance

“There is no passion to be found playing small–in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”
Nelson Mandela

You’re trying to level-up and finding yourself stuck or unable to make the powerful shift to improve your performance, to power-up to the next level.

Your life is a balancing act of constantly striving to perform at your peak. This can be overwhelming. You feel like your life has become a roller coaster of second-guessing yourself and feeling stretched, unfocused and weary.

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“Peak performance is meditation in motion.”
Greg Louganis, Olympic diving champion Imagine this…
Bhakti Brain Health Clinic offers the edge you’ve been looking for! Whether you’re a C-suite executive, an athlete, an artist or a creative our Peak Performance training is designed to help you engage as the expert you are!
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“I’ve noticed I have increased cognitive stamina and I don’t get as easily irritated with other people as I used to.”
42 year-old BBHC neurotherapy client

Think about this: elite performance is distinguished from good performance by looking at brain processes.

What if you could do physical therapy for your brain? Our brain training program helps your brain more efficiently harness a higher level of functioning.

For example, research has shown that in order for athletes to concentrate on a task, certain parts of the brain need to produce more high-frequency brain waves (beta).  Yet, to have extraordinarily fast reaction time while being relaxed, the brain needs to produce more middle-frequency brainwaves (alpha and SMR).

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“As a creative person, I must admit that the concept of retraining my brain was a bit strange to me because I didn't want it to completely change my brain, to mess with my creativity. But, this was a misconception on my part. The opposite has happened: I am creating more again and collaborating with others in meaningful, productive ways.”
A.B., BBHC neurofeedback client
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Join the ranks of those who have found relief and enhanced life functioning as a result of neurotherapy and neurofeedback training.

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