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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCD is persistent and conventional treatment success rates aren’t particularly high. The relationships between the obsessions, emotions, and compulsions in OCD create a turbulent cycle. Often with OCD, an unwanted (and often distressing) thought enters your mind causing feelings of anxiety. These feelings of anxiety can prompt you to act in compulsive and repetitive behaviors in order to attempt to ease the anxiety felt due to the initial obsessive thought. OCD can be mildly frustrating for some, and for others, it can be debilitating.
Your OCD symptoms often are the result of dysregulated brainwave activity. The symptoms of OCD can vary dramatically, and in some cases significantly impair your ability to function in any and all activities you find yourself doing.
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Neurofeedback and neuromodulation can successfully regulate your brain. During training we read your brainwaves and identify the abnormal patterns in your brain. From there, we’re able to run a program that trains your brain to follow neurotypical brainwave patterns and rewards your brain when it does. By training your brain like this, we’re able to teach your brain how to function in a more neurotypical way and introduce permanent changes that continue to improve long after your brain training sessions have concluded!
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You’re finding minor intrusions of OCD in your life or you feel like your life is run by your OCD, our neurofeedback and neuromodulation training is an option that has been shown to have notable success in treating OCD.
"I really recommend Bhakti Brain Health Clinic and had a very positive experience there!"
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