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Developmental Trauma is a type of PTSD that forms through traumatic events a person experiences in their childhood. Developmental Trauma develops from experiences of abuse, neglect, and manipulation a child experiences. Once it forms, it can stay with that person for the rest of their life. Complex PTSD is similar to developmental trauma but can develop at any stage in life. Similar to developmental trauma, it forms from repeated experiences of traumatic events like violence and abuse. Both complex PTSD and developmental trauma can be treated through many treatment methods – one effective method of treatment that we offer at Bhakti Brain Health Clinic is neuromodulation.
If you have PTSD or developmental trauma, you’re likely well aware of the impact it has on how you are able to live your life. Your caution to avoid triggers, as well as the result of experiencing triggers can be crippling to your wellbeing. At Bhakti Brain Health Clinic, we offer an alternative approach to treating PTSD. Using neuromodulation techniques, we are able to monitor your central nervous system brainwaves and regulate your brainwave activity, easing your symptoms. This has been found to help those who have PTSD and related disorders to cope better with their condition. Neurofeedback is an excellent alternative or supplement to medication for those who have PTSD because it is long-lasting and non-invasive – even after you’ve finished your brain training sessions.
"My recovery continues to be a multifaceted journey with lots of moving pieces, but with my ongoing Nuro feedback appointment, I'm now starting to experience the life I always hoped was possible."
T.D., BBHC neurofeedback client




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