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Autism Spectrum Disorder

If you or a loved one have autism, you are likely familiar with how the symptoms of this disorder can impact your life on many levels.

Autism can negatively impact your social, emotional, and professional life. It can make social interactions challenging to manage, causing anxiety surrounding social settings as well as making and maintaining social relations hard. Professionally, the symptoms of autism can make daily tasks and demands of your job hard to manage. These negative effects on your life caused by autism can make your already difficult to manage emotional health worse.

Using a combination of neuromodulation and neurofeedback, we are able to identify brainwave irregularities that play a part in the symptoms of autism you’re experiencing. We use this information to help you train your brain to regulate these abnormal brain waves, in turn regulating the symptoms of autism you’re experiencing. Our clients have reported better social skills, emotional regulation skills, attention, memory, and communication. By improving these skills, you will set yourself up for the peak performance you deserve in your life.
The difference is astounding! My plan was to have her do a different activity every 5 minutes, which is a lot to plan for. What I discovered is that [she] could work for longer periods of time and pass songs quite easily. That was not the case when she first started piano. One short song could take nearly the whole hour to play, and she had to be monitored and redirected frequently in the lessons. Her hand-eye coordination is fantastic. She is reading the music in front of her instead of looking at her hands, which is a critical skill. She will still tell me about off-topic stories, yet I can redirect her without any issue.
Piano teacher of 10 year-old BBHC client with ADHD and anxiety