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Anxiety impacts many people and manifests itself in different ways depending on the person, stressor and severity. IIf you’re suffering from anxiety, you’ve probably tried many different ways to reduce the symptoms you experience; there are seemingly countless techniques and treatments for anxiety. Among these treatments are neurofeedback and neuromodulation.

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Neurofeedback is a treatment that has been shown to help make a permanent improvement in reducing anxiety in the brain. Using neurofeedback, we are able to monitor the abnormalities in your brainwaves and use brain-training programs to regulate the brainwaves which are related to your symptoms of anxiety. Regulating these brainwaves can reduce your symptoms of anxiety. Unlike medication, neurofeedback is a non-invasive treatment that makes permanent changes in your brain that have been reported to continue to improve your brain regulation even after your brain training sessions come to an end.

"Before I reached out to Fran and Adam at the Bhakti Brain Health Clinic, I had been struggling with pretty significant physical symptoms of anxiety. I had been doing good talk therapy and so a lot of my anxious thoughts and calm down quite a bit, but I still had these physical symptoms of anxiety… clenching feeling in my belly and throat, racing heart, etc. It was getting in the way of my work and just my enjoyment of life.
T. D. neurofeedback client
Fran recommended neurostimulation. I was open to it but really didn't know if it would help, and after we found the right frequency, I was amazed. The physical symptoms of anxiety went from 6 to a 2 almost immediately."
T. D. neurofeedback client
Along with neurofeedback, we offer many other neuromodulation services at Bhakti Brain Health Clinic. Anxiety symptoms like lack of energy and trouble sleeping can be treated with our neurostimulation, Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE) systems and Muse – a tool to help you track and understand your sleep schedule better. These are both available for rent and purchase at Bhakti Brain Health Clinic. AVE utilizes light and sound to gently encourage your brainwaves to mirror the stimulation it is receiving to reach the outcome of the program you ran. These programs can encourage sleep, energy, meditation, focus, and more. While these solutions don’t make permanent improvements in your brain, they are noninvasive methods that can help you to remedy how certain symptoms impact your life.
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