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EQ vs IQ?

Which has more influence on your child’s success in life?

➡️IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is the ability to solve problems and think logically.

➡️EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) is self confidence, empathy, social skills, relationship building skills, and the ability to be self aware of feelings and manage them.

The Department of Education prioritizes three critical and inter-related components of mental health to promote overall well being.

  1. SOCIAL –   How we relate to others
  2. EMOTIONAL – How we feel
  3. BEHAVIORAL – How we act

When students lack these skills, they can struggle socially which can result in aggressive behavior toward others, loneliness, depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, confidence and poor academic performance.

Are there ways to grow your child’s EQ?  Yes!

School-Family-Community partnerships are vital to help children develop their EQ by creating experiences and environments that are collaborative, meaningful and have ongoing evaluation.

We are here to help!  We work closely with school counselors and teachers who refer students who are struggling academically and emotionally.  Supporting development at early stages can mitigate long term services.

The Department of Education recommends implementing Evidence Based Prevention Practices.  We are a center for excellence and provide evidence based treatments that are FDA approved, non invasive and medication free!   The good news is that the results are permanent!

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A QEEG is provided and gives us detailed scans, data and analysis of all the brain wave activity, and where there is dysregulation that can be causing challenges.

An individualized plan is created with NEUROFEEDBACK to RETRAIN THE BRAIN to operate at a healthier level. A cap is placed on the head which has sensors that are like little microphones so we can observe and retrain the brain waves to create new pathways.  It is relaxing and easy to do.  Young and old students enjoy flying a plane or bird with their brain!

Our students report that after neurofeedback, they are more self aware and able to control their emotions, feel happier,  more social and motivated…and because of an increase in EQ, they also do better in school.

If you guessed that EQ has more influence on your child’s success in life…you guessed right.  We can do something about that!  Give us a call. 

We have in clinic treatments and devices you can use at home or in school.  Some schools use the AVE Audio Visual Entrainer as needed for students who need support managing their feelings, emotions, and focus.

Would you like to ask specific questions about yourself or your student?  We offer FREE 30 minute ONLINE consultations from the comfort of your home or anywhere.

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