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How Will Your Student Benefit With Peak Performance?

  • Self confidence
  • Sharper focus and concentration
  • Increased Memory
  • Enhanced synchronicity of motor skills
  • Motivation
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Better sleep
  • Reaction speed
  • Physical endurance
  • Mental endurance
  • Injury recovery and rehabilitation
  • Mind and body awareness

Achieving peak performance at the highest levels in areas of academics, sports, music and life requires not only motor preparation, but mental preparation.

What Does Science Say?

The National Institute of Health states that neurofeedback and biofeedback are commonly used methods all over the world and show significant impact in sports, arts and music performance.

For musicians, neurofeedback studies showed an increase in brain wave alpha power which is associated with attention, long range synchronization and memory performance.  This innovative method proves effective in many areas of life including music, acting, academics, sports, business and leadership.

Multi-tasking during competition requires athletes and performers to maintain a maximum level of focus for as long as possible.  Professionals and Olympic athletes use neurofeedback and biofeedback to enable control over the physiological processes taking place in the body which are difficult to control.

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National Institute of Health studies show that neurofeedback training has the function of stimulating the athlete’s body (heart rate and respiration) to self regulate and create an autonomous impulse that can help in taking appropriate actions and making proper decisions at key moments in competition.

When we properly adjust the treatments to an athlete’s individual abilities, it has an impact on psychophysiological consistency.  Achieving this state causes athletes/musicians to feel positive emotions, and their heart rhythm, as well as their level of perceived stress, is constantly more easily controlled.

Brain Training is Medication Free and Permanent!

Using leading edge technology at our clinic, we monitor, measure, quantify and train your brain waves which help you to regulate your brain function and reach your full potential.   The results are permanent, and research shows that the new neural pathways created just keep getting stronger. 

Our neurotherapies are FDA approved, evidence based, non invasive and easy to do.  All neurofeedback is not the same.  We use top of the line equipment with 19 channels so we are training every area of your brain.  

We also provide portable bioelectric devices for use at home, school, work or the gym, wherever you go.  An AVE (Audio Visual Entrainer) uses headphones and goggles with pulsing lights and tones to guide your brain waves into patterns needed for whatever you are needing to achieve including sleep, energy, focus, memory or mood regulation.  They have preset programs and are easy to use.

Caregivers can also help kids achieve Peak Performance by providing and encouraging:

  1. Brain food –  eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, omega fatty acids foods such as fish, low fat/sugar energy bars, trail mix, nuts, dried fruit.
  2. Sleep is crucial for top performance in everything.  Shut down electronics an hour before bed.
  3. Hydration all day, and more during activities
  4. Meditation – improve relaxation and focus
  5. Daily exercise – 20 min a day increases blood flow to the brain for improving cognitive capacity.  A quick exercise can fire up the neurons for better focus and memory before tests and performance.

We would be honored to help you and your students realize their full potential and achieve higher performance in their passions!

We shared a lot on this page, but we can simplify what options would work best for you. Please click here to schedule a free online 30 minute consultation to talk with one of our providers.  You can do this from the convenience of your home or work.

If you are in a school and would like more information about devices that can help students while in school or at home, please reach out to me.  There is funding available for special education departments and counseling that I can share with you.

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