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Peak Performance and Neurotherapy

Neurotherapy training isn’t solely used for treating mental illness. At Bhakti Brain Health Clinic, we also use neurotherapy to help people reach and maintain maximum cognitive performance. Many of our clients use Peak Performance Neurofeedback Training to strengthen their brain functioning for work, school, athletic performances, and more. Peak Performance Neurofeedback Training provides the tools to strengthen healthy brainwave patterns which trains the brain to become more efficient, leading to higher accuracy on tasks, greater stress resistance, and improved emotional regulation and memory.

Peak-performance neurofeedback training is used around the world by professional athletes, executives, musicians, and students. It’s commonly used as part of the training program for Olympians and professional athletes in the NFL and NBA. In Episode 4 of Netflix’s Quarterback, Kirk Cousins of the Minnesota Vikings revealed that he uses neurofeedback to maximize his brain’s performance under pressure. Some benefits of peak performance training include sharpened focus, better emotional regulation during times of stress, decreased reaction time, improved sleep quality, and enhanced balance and coordination.

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Similar to going to the gym, neurofeedback will strengthen your mind and regulate your brainwave patterns, just as physical training strengthens the body. Neurofeedback can be a great tool for treating disorders such as anxiety or depression, but you don’t need a diagnosed mental disorder to benefit from neurofeedback. Plenty of our clients at Bhakti Brain Health Clinic have used neurofeedback to maximize performance at school, work, and athletics but also to limit the impact of aging by working on improving focus, sleep, cognitive ability, memory, and energy. Schedule a QEEG today so that you can maximize your brain’s efficiency and perform better in your day-to-day life.